Entrepreneurial Project

Proyecto Emprendedores (http://proyectosemprendedores.org/) was born with the idea of ​​helping Startups in the initial stages of business development.

We offer this service to whatsoever innovative initiative in any sector.

Our team of professionals offers integrated and individual advisory services to all areas of our portfolio.

Details of our services include the following:

  • Comprehensive consultancy.
  • We have a team of fully qualified professionals that covers all areas of our business so as to develop our clients’ projects.
  • Experience.
  • All of the professionals working on the project have a strong track record. Compromiso Commitment.
  • We become 100% involved with the projects and the needs of each entrepreneur.
  • Quality commitment to each project.
  • Confidentiality.
  • Given the fact that they are innovative projects, we have confidentiality clauses.


We are interested in projects relating to new technologies and the internet, especially those that are particularly innovative and can be developed rapidly.

We at VIA CONSULTORES offer our knowhow and services on an impartial basis during the first stage of the project until it begins to generate movements and billing.

We are flexible and our help can be extended bearing in mind the necessities of the project.


We have access to Business Angels and investment funds that can support those projects. We can help prepare the Business Plan to present to possible investors.

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