Soñar Despierto ( is a non-profit organization born with the aim of helping children at risk of social exclusion, who live in shelters and residential, with the support of a team of volunteers, people wanting to give the best of themselves, to children who, due to different circumstances, have not had the same opportunities.

In Spain, the Foundation carries out its activities in Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Seville and Valencia, trying to reduce the consequences derived from the continuous breakdown of the affective bonds suffered by these minors and that, if not compensated, can mark their adult life conditioning their social and personal development.

Vía Consultores collaborates with Soñar despierto in the program What do you want to be when you grow up ?

  • What do you want to be of greater ?: To accompany the children in their jump to adulthood, Dreaming Awake together with collaborating companies carries out a motivation and training program through which it is pursued that young people feel accompanied in this process that implies their exit from the residence and, in many cases, their independence and incorporation into the labor world. To do this, a training program (Together We Rise) is carried out, giving young people talks on various topics. The most fortunate ones are also offered, through interested companies, the possibility of obtaining a first job and developing in the working world. In addition, for young people who want to continue studying, within “What Do You Want to Be Major?” There is a program of scholarships for the study through which they receive an economic endowment to continue training, either in the university, studying an intermediate degree , superior, etc.