Business Plans and Viability in Madrid

Having a Viable Business Plan does not ensure its success. To create your company, or expand your business, it is necessary to carry out a prior analysis of the viability of the project. And, for this, you will have to develop a Viability Plan that provides strength and credibility to your idea.

Via Consultores can help you in developing and drafting the ideal Business Plan Strategy. All this accompanied by our experience, professionalism and enthusiasm for your project.



    Purpose of the Business Plan

    • Develop a theoretical model that contemplates the scenario in which the business idea achieves success.
    • Identify and draft the steps needed to achieve success, and
    • If necessary, have access to external funding sources.
    business plans and viability in madrid Spain
    business plans and viability in madrid

    Aspects included in Business and Viability Plans

    • The idea: Here we will show the project, the necessary support from partners or investors, its positioning in the market and the target audience.
    • The Market: This is the study of the sector we are targeting, the nature of the demand and any competitors.
    • Plan of Operations: An inventory of technical, human and economic resources that contribute towards the project, and how they will be managed in order to make the most out of them.
    • Marketing Plan: Here, we identify the channels that shall be used in order to connect with the target audience, to establish quality standards and to set the price of the product or service to be marketed, as well as the distribution policy to be followed.
    • Financial Plan: A projection of the results, the economic and financial structure of the company, and the expected profitability that we aim to achieve.

    We provide advice to our clients


    How can we help you prepare a Business or Viability Plan?

    Can you help me prepare a Viability Plan needed for a grant?

    Our team of professionals has a lot of experience in preparing and drafting Viability Plans in order to apply for grants to official bodies.

    Our Start-ups require a Business Plan in order to search for Investors. Can you help us?

    We have plenty of experience with Start-ups, and in preparing Business Plans within our Entrepreneur Support Program.