Economics Expert Reports in Madrid

Economic and financial appraisals are increasingly necessary in all types of disputes resolved in either courts of law or through mediation or arbitration.

No matter the field: commercial, labour, civil or administrative – it is necessary to justify the precise economic quantification of the damage suffered through expert reports.



    The Role of the Economics Expert

    • An Economics Expert is not a judge, nor must he judge acts or interpret laws, an Economics Expert cannot speculate or give valued opinions that are beyond his or her skills and specialty.
    • An Economics Expert must focus on giving an objective technical response to the question that is raised, and nothing more.
    • An Economics Expert must, above all, be objective. They must provide a technical response without being influenced by the Parties.
    • When the legal expert undertakes the corresponding expert report, the latter must be reasoned and well-founded, that is, it must reach a conclusion following the development of an argument that enables the reader to clearly understand the reason why the expert reached said conclusion, as stated in the report.
    • The economics expert must be clear and concise in their conclusions, they cannot ramble, express opinion or value, and may only conform to what is being questioned, from a purely technical point of view.
    Economics expert reports in madrid

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    Economics expert reports in madrid Spain