Labour Advice in Madrid

We provide a quality service in Labour advice in Madrid:

  • SENIOR Consultants with experience attending customers.
  • Mirrored work: TWO CONSULTANTS who know each of the companies and can cover for sick leave and holiday periods.
  • Internal quality Consultant.



    Labour Advice Services

    • Study and initial report on the working conditions established within the company.
    • Opening of work centres.
    • Collective agreements and updates.
    • Contracts, maturities and extensions. Study and advice according to current legislation and possible bonuses.
    • Calculation and preparation of payrolls, severance payments, liquidations, settlements and social security forms.
    • Salary reviews and calculation of arrears.
    • Employment registrations, terminations and changes.
    • Suspensions and terminations of employment contracts.
    • Remuneration register.
    • Work Accidents and Occupational Illnesses.
    • Taxes.
    • Flexible Benefits.
    • Mandatory Social Security Communications, AEAT, SILTRA, Sistema Delt@, INSS, SEPE, Contrat@.
    • Payment salary list and Payroll submission to workers.
    • Communication to social security of the transfer of workers abroad.
    • Advice on new legislation. Employment Newsletters.
    Labour advice in madrid
    Our Labour advice in madrid


    • Payroll Program: A3 Wolters Kluwer.
    • Kayros Employee Portal.
    • Workday record.
    • Payroll issues and incentives.
    • Expenses forms.
    • Absenteeism and holiday management.

    Data Loop

    • Exporting data to SQL.
    • All payroll and historical information in Excel or Access.
    • Predefined queries and tables.
    We provide a quality service in Labour advice in Madrid

    We provide advice to our clients


    How can we help you with your Payroll?

    Our Consultants are used to working with the most complex cases on the market.

    We are very demanding, and our Payroll and Social Security control checks are thorough.

    We are fully up to date with current legislation.

    How do we work?

    With the digital certificate of your company and all the tools that Administration make available to us, RED, SILTRA, Sistema Delt@, Contrat@, we can have access to all of your company information.

    Thanks to the Kayros Employee Portal, the information between your company, us and your employees will be more agile and reliable, enabling us to prepare Payrolls in a quick and efficient manner.

    Do you need references about us?

    We work with companies and professionals of all kinds, associations and franchises. We can provide their data to anyone who requests it, always with the client’s permission.

    How do we inform you?

    Through our Newsletters we will keep you updated on the new regulations that affect your company.

    What information do you need to provide us?

    We will need your company’s digital certificate, RED authorisation, your company’s employment history documentation, and an Excel file that we will send you with the information we need from your company, in order to transfer the employment information to our system.

    Will I have access to my company's tax information?

    You will have access to all of your company’s employment information through:

    • Client Portal.
    • Custom reports in Power BI, updated on a daily basis.
    quality service in Labour advice in Madrid