International Consultancy in Madrid

VÍA Consultores has been providing services to companies since 1993, with the help of the entrepreneur Jacinto Colorado.

The team at VIA Consultores consists of 49 professionals, all with appropriate training and experience to provide quality services in all areas, as required by a business.




    We offer three types of services to our foreign clients according to the size of the company in Spain:

    • For clients that do not have administrative staff in Spain: Complete Management Outsourcing Service.
    • For clients that have administrative staff, but do not have tax and accounting personnel in Spain: External Accounting and Taxation Service.
    • For clients that have Administrative and Accounting staff in Spain, however, need specialised tax and accounting advice, and need to report to the Parent Company.
    international consultancy in madrid
    international consultancy in madrid Spain

    Independent Member of BOKS International

    • VÍA Consultores is an independent member of BOKS International, a global (top 15) alliance of high-quality professionals and expert firms in more than 59 countries around the world. With rapid growth and a global presence, its cross-border services offer facilities for all types of international operations.
    • Supporting the growth and development of companies, BOKS International is the global alliance that offers its members fast and effective access to quality-assured professionals worldwide in the areas of accounting, tax, labour and consulting.
    • BOKS International members are selected under strict criteria and a strict Due Diligence Process, which requires compliance with the highest international quality standards and proven experience in international affairs.
    • If your company has businesses abroad, or plans to expand internationally, VIA Consultores can help you throughout each of the required steps.
    our service international consultancy in madrid

    Complete Management Outsourcing

    With this service, we become the administration department of your company, and we take care of all the administrative work of your business in Spain.

    Your company can exclusively dedicate itself to its main goal in our country – to open up the market and SELL.

    • Weekly Management Accounting.
    • Service for issuing and receiving invoices
    • Control and filing of the administrative documentation of the company.
    • Preparation of supplier payments
    • Managing collections and weekly monitoring of customers debts
    • Weekly Cash Flow Monitoring.
    • Bank Management.
    • Tax Return Submission.
    • Personalized financial reports and management support.
    • Submission of Annual Accounts and Official Accounting Books.

    External Accounting and Taxation Service

    • We are the accounting department of your company.
    • We prepare your company reports according to the requirements of your Parent Company.
    • We submit your company taxes in Spain.
    • We prepare the Official Accounting Books and Annual Accounts.
    international consultancy in madrid service
    our international consultancy in madrid service

    Specialised Accounting and Tax Advice Service

    Specialised Accounting Advice

    • Review of your Company’s Accounting.
    • Preparation and submission of Official Accounting Books and Annual Accounts.

    Specialised Tax Advice.

    • Review and submission of your company tax returns.

    We provide advice to our clients


    How do we collaborate with companies on an international level?

    How can you help me set up my company in Spain?

    Our technicians are specialists in setting up companies in Spain:

    • They will help you set up your company in our country.
    • They will guide you on a day-by-day basis in all the steps necessary to operate your business in Spain.
    • We’ll take care of running your business from day one and help you grow.

    How can we help you manage your business?

    Thanks to Process Automation, we have your Business Accounting totally updated, with detailed reports, personalized to your business, we take care of your banks, invoices issued and received, cash flow and taxes.

    We track company evolution with personailized reports, we follow budgets, historical accounts, and do monthly tracking, so that you can manage your business each day and focus solely on SELLING.

    Does your company want to establish itself in Spain but does not want to deal with internal business management, however Headquarters require a strict control?

    You can create a subsidiary in Spain that deals exclusively with sales, and we will take care of everything else. We will periodically send a report to Headquarters (according to the format chosen by the group), complying with the delivery schedule required by headquarters.

    Are you thinking of starting a business and have no idea how to manage the administrative side?

    We are specialists in managing the administration of your company, which we can do from the constitution of this, or at any time, and if your company grows and you want to internalize this department, we will help you throughout the process.

    What information do you need to provide us with?

    We need to receive all the administrative information of your company at our headquarters in electronic format, have access to your banks and your invoicing program.

    We will also need your company’s digital certificate, with which we will have access to all your taxes.

    How do we work?

    We are the administration department of your company, so you do not need to hire staff to perform this work.

    Our staff specialized in these tasks receives all the administrative information of your company and thanks to the automation processes implemented, we manage and administer it as if we were from the company itself.

    our international consultancy in madrid Spain service