In compliance with the current regulations that apply to Vía Consultores, Vía Consultores is making its Transparency Channel available to all those who work with them and want to share information.

The Transparency Channel should be used exclusively when truthful information about possible violations in the workplace or professional context has been obtained.

Our Channel rigorously complies with Law 2/2023 for the protection of individuals reporting regulatory violations and fighting against corruption. This regulation applies in Spain as a result of transposing the EU Directive 2019/1937 on Whistleblower Channels.

All this within the scope of application contained in Article 3 of Law 2/2023.

Article 3. Personal scope of application.

1. The present law shall apply to whistleblowers working in the private or public sector who have obtained information on infringements in a work or professional context, comprising in any case:

a) persons having the status of public employees or employed persons;

b) self-employed persons;

c) shareholders, participants and persons belonging to the administrative, management or supervisory body of a company, including non-executive members;

d) any person working for or under the supervision and direction of contractors, subcontractors and suppliers.

2. The present law shall also apply to whistleblowers who communicate or publicly disclose information on violations obtained in the framework of an employment or statutory relationship already terminated, volunteers, trainees, workers in training periods regardless of whether they receive remuneration or not, as well as to those whose employment relationship has not yet begun, in cases where the information on violations has been obtained during the selection process or pre-contractual negotiation.

3. The whistleblower protection measures provided for in Title VII shall also apply, as the case may be, specifically to the legal representatives of the employees in the exercise of their functions of advising and supporting the whistleblower.

4. The whistleblower protection measures provided for in Title VII shall also apply, where appropriate, to:

a) natural persons who, within the framework of the organization in which the whistleblower provides services, assist the whistleblower in the process,

b) natural persons who are related to the reporting person and who may suffer retaliation, such as co-workers or family members of the reporting person, and

c) legal persons, for whom he/she works or with whom he/she maintains any other type of relationship in an employment context or in which he/she holds a significant shareholding. For these purposes, it is understood that the participation in the capital or in the voting rights corresponding to shares or participations is significant when, due to its proportion, it allows the person who holds it to have the capacity to influence the legal person in which he/she participates.