Offering integrated services to businesses and professionals since 1993.

We generate value for our clients.

We provide skilled advisory services to businesses and professionals in the areas of accounting, business taxation, fields of employment, economic and financial consulting, business process outsourcing (BPO) and data protection. We have a highly skilled professional team continuously trained, to provide first class comprehensive services to our clients.

Our advice provides added value to businesses.

We aim to be trusted advisors to our clients, serving them with tools that provide up to date information to run their businesses.

The pillars of our business

Accountancy and bookkeeping

Built around simple tools and comprehensive reports that allow business owners to take informed decisions about their businesses.

Staff website

We interact dynamically with clients and their employees via this website, thus punctually providing information necessary to run the human resources department.


We help our clients grow, closely analysing their requirements, organizing their resources and providing our experience and knowledge to develop their business, with personalized reports for each company. Outsourcing de Administración (BPO)

(BPO) Business Processes Outsourcing

We are the administration department for our clients, we take care of all their administrative requirements so that they can focus on what is most important: their business.


    To look for the best way to advice our clients generating a positive impact in the society


  • Ethic.
  • Quality commitment with our clients.
  • Sustainability.


  • With Vía Consultores, accountancy becomes an essential tool that helps the entrepreneurs run their business.
  • Our team carries out an initial audit including a strict and precise assessment of the company accounts.
  • We provide them with made-to-measure reports concerning their business, which serve to run the company.
  • An specific real-estate deparment is available.
  • We provide a management database to supervise the company.
  • We provide you with the best labor relations technicians, continuously trained and fully updated to current legislation.

  • We help our clients meet their legal obligations, and keep them fully informed of the legislative changes.

  • We undertake a comprehensive review of your company, to ensure that it complies with current regulations.
  • Employee Portal service is available, which allows managers and employees access to all their labor documentation.

  • We become our clients admin department, carrying out all the administrative matters, so that they can focus on what is most important: their businesses.
  • Our team takes care of accounts, billing, payment, cash flow, banking and any other administrative tasks that the business requires.
  • Our clients only  focus on their main objective: TO SELL.
  • We specialize in startups and look after all their administrative requirements from the moment they are created.
  • International reporting.
  • Our clients require precise tax management for their businesses.
  • We carry out tax audits of their companies to make sure they comply with current legal requirements.
  • Continuously updated team  with applicable legislation, to offer rigorous and professional tax services.
  • We help our clients meet their periodic tax obligations and keep them fully informed of any legislative changes.
  • Experts in real-estate sector and non-resident taxes management.
  • We help our clients grow, analyzing carefully their requirements, organizing their resources and offering our advice and knowledge, providing personalized reports for each company.
  • Solid experience in economic-financial reports.
  • Companies valuation.
  • Business and Feasibility plans.
  • Profitability study and analysis.
  • Treasury budgets, budgetary and management control.
  • Economic-legal experts.
  • Administrative procedures.
  • Legitimation for data processing.
  • Assistance to the rights of the affected people.
  • Contracts Controller-Data Processor for processing.
  • Data-processing activities Register.
  • Risk analysis and impact assesment.
  • Security measures.
  • Notification of personal data infringement.
  • Adaptation of Websites.
  • Advice on inmigration matters: work and residence permits in Spain, Spanish identity documents, among other services.
  • We are experts in Article 7 (p) of the Income Tax law: employees working abroad for their company are exempt from taxes, up to the limit of 60,101.21 euros per annum.
  • Registration of public deeds.
  • Tax settlement in the CCAA.
  • Traffic Management.
  • DEH (electronic notifications by the Spanish Tax Authorities).

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