Compliance in Madrid

At VIA Consultores we know that the legislative environment in which the company carries out its activities is increasingly abundant and complex. This means that, together with the undeniable increase in social awareness regarding business ethics, a greater number of public and private organisations have implemented Compliance in their organisations.


    Corporate Compliance

    • This is a set of procedures and best practices, as adopted by organisations of any size, to set up internal mechanisms for prevention, management, control and reaction to themselves.
    • It enables the identification and classification of the legal and operational risks faced by organisations.
    • Its goal is to establish internal mechanisms for prevention, management, control, and reaction to themselves.
    Compliance in Madrid
    Consultoría en Sistemas de Gestión

    Normative compliance

    Our Consulting service is based on risk prevention, detection and management.

    Making available to our clients a multidisciplinary team that will allow the identification and establishment of adequate controls. Helping them with:

    • Criminal Regulatory Compliance
    • Transparency and Good Governance Law
    • Prevention of money laundering
    • Anti-corruption/anti-bribery regulations.
    • Organic Law on Data Protection.
    • Diagnosis of compliance.
    • Evaluation and review of risk maps.
    • Implementation and review of compliance systems.
    • Design and implementation of controls.
    • Specialized training in Compliance.
    • Control reports.
    • Audit reports.
    • Support to the figure of the Chief Compliance Officer.
    • Preparation of compliance regulations
    • Implementation and management of complaint channels or ethical channels.

    Our Criminal Compliance Service

    • This goes beyond the mere implementation of crime prevention systems within societies.
    • A company that has a compliance model, may have a greater visibility of its risks and avoid consequences such as reputational damage, the imposition of significant fines and sanctions.
    • It enables companies to avoid business losses due to non-executable contracts, or due to the exclusion of tenders or public subsidies.
    • It is a priority for senior management of all types of companies, given that it makes them reduce their risks as much as possible, and even exempts them from possible company or staff breaches. Serving as collateral for third parties.
    Compliance in Madrid Spain

    We provide advice to our clients


    How can we help you in complying with regulations, through Compliance?

    Why do I need Compliance if my company doesn't commit any crimes?

    A company is not only its owner and/or management team. Any employee, manager, partner or supplier can do something that may have an impact on a third party, such as:

    • A pirated copy of a program
    • The emergence or distribution of documentation holding sensitive data pertaining to our clients
    • The sharing of video and/or photos on the internet without prior consent
    • A serious accident regardig prevention
    • A case of bribery
    • Tax or social security infringement
    • Among others

    Are companies required to have a Compliance System in place?

    No. At the moment, the Penal Civil Code does not expressly request the implementation of a specific model or any other type of compliance model. Nor does it tell us to not commit crimes. Nevertheless, we will be held accountable if we do. Therefore, it is necessary to implement the mechanisms needed for the mandatory regulatory compliance and to avoid non-compliance or punishable crimes.

    In the criminal field, penalties will be financial and/or custodial, for both the company and for the natural persons in their capacity as persons in charge within a chain of command.

    Service Compliance in Madrid Spain