Harassment Prevention

All companies, regardless of the number of employees, must have a Harassment Prevention Protocol duly implemented.



    This documented protocol must establish the procedure for action in the event of signs of this type of conduct. In addition, the investigation procedure, clarification of the facts or the guaranteed and confidential channels for notification of this type of event are defined.

    harassment prevention
    harassment prevention protocol

    Qualified Staff

    From Vía Consultores, we offer our clients consultancy and advice to establish Harassment Prevention Protocols within the company, as well as:

    • Investigation reports with external and/or mixed investigative committee
    • Development of internal regulations
    • Implementation of preventive measures
    • Complaints channel
    • Mandatory training to guarantee implementation
    • Communication plans

    Tailored Projects

    We analyze the organization in a personalized way to design, prepare and implement a harassment prevention protocol appropriate to the characteristics of your company, as well as those complementary measures that make your protocol effective, such as by way of example:

    • A code of good practice
    • Information campaigns
    • Training for effective prevention of harassment in the organization
    prevention protocol
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    Qualified Personnel

    • All of our employees on customer service are Seniors with a track record in experience and training.

    We provide advice to our clients


    How can we help you with your Business Accounting?

    How do we work?

    We have advanced technological tools, which enable us to process your Business Accounting in a quick and reliable manner.

    How can we help you with your accounting?

    We are experts in accounting and tax management, and thanks to process automation, we can prepare monthly reports tailored to your company, in order to help you manage your business.

    What kind of company reports can be prepared for me?

    Our basic report is very comprehensive and includes the major magnitudes of the business, as well as its evolution and comparison with the industry. Profit and loss account for the last years and comparison with the previous year. Balance sheet compared to the previous year. Sales, customer, supplier and expenses progress report. Cash-flow progress. Evolution of personnel expenses and main business ratios and KPIs. From this report we can prepare any monthly or quarterly report tailored to the needs of our customers.

    Do you need references about us?

    We work with all kinds of companies and business professionals, associations and franchises, from which we can provide their data to anyone requesting these, always with the client’s permission.

    Will I have access to the accounting information and tax returns pertaining to my Company?

    Through our Customer Portal, you will have access to all the information and tax returns related to your company.

    What information do you need to provide us?

    We will need your company deeds, the last four years of accounting in Excel format, your digital certificate so that we may access all your company taxes, and the access keys to banks in order to automatically import the information to our system.

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