Data Protection Consultancy in Madrid

We undertake a preliminary analysis of your information and network systems, of the organisational structure, facilities, processes, policies, applications and database with our service Data Protection Consultancy in Madrid.

As for the result – we have developed a Tailored Project, always through the assigned professional with experience in your professional sector, who, in accordance with your company, shall create, change, and review your step-by -step adaptation.



    Compliance with Organic Law 3/2018 of 5 December and (EU) Regulation 2016/679 of the European Parliament and Council

    • Data Legitimation
    • Paying attention to Stakeholder Rights
    • Person Responsible for handling contracts
    • Processing of activity log
    • Risk analysis
    • Impact Assessment
    • Security Measures
    • Data Breaches
    • Website Adaptations
    data protection consultancy in madrid
    data protection consultancy in madrid Spain

    Qualified staff and geographical coverage

    We have qualified staff for advice and implementation in public and private companies. Our team has extensive experience in virtually every sector of activity.

    From our headquarters in Madrid, we coordinate the implementation throughout national territory, as well as in the Spanish and Anglo-Saxon speaking countries.

    We offer an assisted service and on-site projects, always valued according to the activity of your company and as permitted by the processing of personal data.


    We provide advice to our clients


    How can we help you with complying with the LOPD and GDPR?

    Do I have to comply with the LOPDgdd – GDPR data protection regulations?

    In effect, complying with Organic Law 3/2018, of 5 December, on the Protection of Personal Data and Digital Rights Guarantee (LOPDGDD) is mandatory for all companies, associations, professionals, and organisations in general, provided that they collect personal data for subsequent processing.

    Therefore, from the communities of neighbours or professionals to SMEs and large companies, they must adapt their businesses in order to comply with the regulations, for the benefit of their customers and employees.

    What information should you provide?

    To undertake an initial review, we will need an organisational chart of your company, split by department, the contact of the professional or company that maintains your information systems, a list of suppliers with access to personal data, a list of equipment, programs, and personnel.

    How do we work?

    According to the person assigned to your company or project, we carry out a situation report, we structure the company into Processing Activities, we carry out a risk analysis on each of these, and depending on the result, we carry out an Impact Analysis. We also suggest the necessary security measures to preserve the management of personal data. We suggest the policies and procedures necessary for compliance with the GDPRgdd and we train all staff on the changes made, their obligations and functions regarding the processing of data.

    How long does it take to adapt my entity to the LOPDgdd?

    We carry out the adaptations following the rhythm that you set, giving coverage by contract to that adaptation, with the deadlines that you establish, doing our work in a few weeks.

    Will I have access to my company's information?

    Through our GDPR management platform, you will be able to see at all times the progress of the implementation with all the documentation of interest, so you can monitor the work we do. You can share this tool with suppliers or customers who require proof of compliance with data protection regulations.

    our service of data protection consultancy in madrid