Management Outsourcing in Madrid (BPO)

We are the business administration department, and we can take care of all the administrative management outsourcing in Madrid of your business.

Your company is dedicated to its main goal: SELLING.



    Management Outsourcing

    • Weekly Management Accounting.
    • Service for issuing and receiving invoices.
    • Control of the administrative documentation of the company.
    • Preparation of payment remittance.
    • Managing Collections and Weekly Monitoring of due invoices.
    • Weekly Cash Flow Control.
    • Bank Management.
    • Submission of Tax Returns.
    • Customised financial reporting and management support.
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    Specialist Consultants

    • We only have Senior Consultant in customer service.
    • We can provide you with professional advice.
    • We are specialized in Process Automation.

    We provide advice to our clients


    How can we help you manage your business?

    Thanks to Process Automation, we have your Accounting fully updated everyday, with detailed reports, tailored to your business, we take care of your banking, invoices issued and received, cash flow and taxes. We track the company evolution with tailor-made reports, we follow budgets, historical background, and do monthly progress tracking, so that you may manage your business day-by-day and focus solely on SELLING.

    How do we work?

    We become the management department of your company, so you do not need to hire staff to undertake this work. Our staff, specialized in these areas, shall receive all of your company’s administrative information, and thanks to the implemented automation of processes, we can manage and administer as if we were the company itself.

    Do you need references about us?

    We work with both professionals and companies, mainly in the services industry. We can provide their data to anyone who requests it, always with our client’s permission.

    Are you thinking of starting a company and have no idea on how to manage the administrative part?

    We are specialists in managing the administration of your company, which we can do from its first establishment, or at any other time, and if your company grows and you want to internalise this department, we will help you through the process.

    Does your company want to establish itself in Spain but does not want to deal with internal business management, however Headquarters require a strict control?

    You can create a subsidiary in Spain that deals exclusively with sales, and we will take care of everything else. We will periodically send a report to Headquarters (according to the format chosen by the group), complying with the delivery schedule required by Headquarters.

    What information do you need to provide us?

    We need to receive at our headquarters, in electronic format, all of the administrative information pertaining to your company, in order to have access to your banks and invoicing program. We will also need your company’s digital certificate, so that we may have access to all your taxes.

    Will I have access to my company's tax information?

    You will have access to all information pertaining to your company, through:

    • Client Portal.
    • Custom reports in Power BI, updated on a daily basis.
    our management outsourcing in madrid