Business Valuation in Madrid

For any entrepreneur, their company is the most important part of their assets, since it is a cash generator. As such, it is crucial to know its value, therefore, we can advise you with our service of Business Valuation in Madrid.


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    How can we help you in the valuation of your business?

    Why should a company be valued?

    To search for liquidity

    • To obtain line funding.
    • To restructure debt.
    • For the search of partners or investors.

    To resolve conflicts between partners, in such situations as follows:

    • Business Succession.
    • Separation of Partners.
    • Exclusion of Minority Partners.
    • Business Partners leaving the Company.

    For Strategic Reasons:

    • Divestments.
    • Mergers and Acquisitions.
    • Plans to Expand.

    Tax Requirements:

    • In order to determine the capital gain or loss from the sale of company shares.

    Accounting Requirements:

    • Calculation of Controlled Deterioration Test.

    A Business Valuation will facilitate the elaboration of arguments that reinforce the negotiation of the asking price.

    What valuation methods are available?

    There are several Business Valuation Methods, from the most classic book value or equity methods to those most used such as Discounted Cash Flow and Economic Added Value.

    I need a Business Valuation for a run-on funding. How soon can I have this?

    It will normally depend on how quickly you can provide us with all the necessary economic information; however, it can be completed in around four weeks.

    Our service Business Valuation in Madrid