Financial management in Madrid

Our specialized consultants can become the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of your company, providing financial control services, searching for funding, financial management control, budget control, and cash flow control.


    Financial Control

    • We can help you in developing tools to manage your company’s income and expenses, to monitor and analyse deviations, along with a detailed cash flow budget.
    • Our service gives you peace of mind, so you can detect your company’s potential cash flow needs in advance.
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    our financial management in madrid

    Funding Research

    • We can help you find the funding required for investments or as working capital for your company or project.
    • We will search for the most suitable financial products available in private sector financial institutions, or in the form of public aid that best suits each project. In such ways that may help grow or expand your company in the most suitable way, without incurring excessive financial costs.

    Financial Management Control

    • We can help you in having full control over the financial management of your company, through Budget Control Charts and Cash Flow Monitoring.
    • These financial management charts will also be very useful for you to present before certain authorities or investors.

    Budget Control

    • We can help you develop different short term and medium-term Budget Control Charts and analyse the deviations between the actual amounts produced and those budgeted. This way, we can generate a deviation report that allows you to analyse them and determine their origin.
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    Cash Flow Control

    • We shall prepare short term and medium-term cash flow tables, which will enable you to keep track of the deviations produced, what caused them, and the measures to be taken in order to correct them.
    • At the same time, it will enable you to have a short, medium and long term forecast of the financial needs of each new project, or of your business as a whole, in order to avoid situations of lack of liquidity in a timely manner.

    We provide advice to our clients


    How can we help you with financial management?

    Every month my company delivers positive operating results, however we still have cash-flow tensions. How is this possible?

    An operating account and cash flow are two different concepts; therefore, it is likely that you are poorly funding your company’s investments, or that your collection and payment policy is not the best choice. Our team of professionals will analyse your company cash flow and will come up with the best solutions for your business.

    How will I know if my company will be able to meet its payments in the coming months?

    We will prepare a cash flow control plan tailored to your company needs, and we will help you in following up on a weekly basis, so you can rely on us that you are making the correct decisions towards meeting your payment commitments.