ANIDAN (http://www.anidan.org/) is a non-profit, non-political and non-denominational organisation, promoted in 2002 by Rafael Selas Colorado, to address the needs of children in Kenya.

Their efforts are aimed at the youngest, providing them with food, shelter, health care and education. Any destitute, abandoned or orphaned child who is at risk of ill-treatment or abuse or suffering from an illness impossible to treat in its environment is placed at ANIDAN [in a NEST].

Its programmes primarily focus on:

Shelter on the Island of Lamu (north of the coast), where it houses more than 200 children and feeds, dresses, cares for and educates about 280.

Pediatric Hospital, with the help of the Pablo Horstmann Foundation, which every year provides free care to more than 14,000 patients in the actual hospital, and to several thousand more in out-of-hospital procedures.

Community Aid, as follows:

  • Microcredits for women, advising those who start their small businesses.
  • Family help, in cases of extreme need.
  • Manda Maweni help, by feeding 150 malnourished children from this village and helping with schooling, paying for a teacher.

In addition, it maintains aid lines for a population impoverished by the drought and conflicts that devastate this part of Africa.

We are business service providers, and we help in the communication and promotion of this NGO.